United Nations to bring in monitors to observe Libya’s flouted ceasefire

The United Nations has announced that observers will be assigned for the ceasefire in Libya. The United Nations announced its plans to send observers for the ceasefire in Libya.

The statement called for “speeding up the process of implementing the ceasefire, re-opening of the Sirte-Abu Grein road on the coastal part of the country, and the immediate repatriation of all foreign fighters and mercenaries.”

It was pointed out in the statement that observers would be assigned to ensure the ceasefire and that they would participate in a 5+5 Joint Military Committee. This Joint Military Committee consists of 5 members who represent the UN-recognized Libyan government and five members from the non-recognized Khalifa Haftar forces in the east of the country.

To solve the Libyan crisis, a 5+5 Joint Military Committee was established to represent both sides as part of the political, military, and economic dialogue negotiations carried out under UN leadership, and a ceasefire agreement was signed in Geneva on October 23rd, 2020.

The ceasefire agreement includes the repatriation of all foreign mercenaries in Libya within three months, removal of mines from contact zones, and the re-opening of the Sirte-Misrata coastal road.

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