Joe Biden Receives Coronavirus Vaccine on Live Broadcast

President-Elect Biden received the first dose of Coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer at ChristianaCare Hospital in Newark, Delaware.

The President-Elect said, “There is nothing to worry about,” and called all American citizens to vaccinate. Joe Biden’s shot has been administered by Tabe Masa, who is a nurse practitioner at the hospital. After receiving the vaccine, he made a statement related to health care professionals and scientists: “We owe these people a lot. We owe the scientists, the people who developed this vaccine, and also those who implement clinical studies. “

President-Elect Biden also mentioned the Warp Speed Operation, which started to be able to develop a Coronavirus vaccine and to prepare for the vaccination process, and said the Trump administration deserves some credit for those efforts.

Biden noted that country-wide administration of the vaccine is going to take some time and urged Americans to listen to health professionals and, if possible, not to travel during the Holiday season.

Jill Biden also had her shot earlier today. President-Elect said” She loves shots, I know,” Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is expected to receive her Coronavirus vaccine next week.

First doses of the Moderna vaccine have started to be administered.
After the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted permission to the Moderna-developed Coronavirus vaccine, the vaccine joined Pfizer’s in approved vaccines, and its first doses of has started to be administered.

Collaborating with the federal government, Walgreens and CVS aim to vaccinate 7 million people at 70 thousand elderly care centers. Some states wait for access to Moderna’s vaccine due to its ease of delivery and storage.

U.S. Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, stated that around 50 million people were expected to receive the first dose of vaccine by the end of January.

Covid-19 Projections by IHME :
561,669 Deaths by April 1, 2021

Current Covid-19 Numbers in the U.S.

Covid-19 Cases: 18,473,716
Death Toll:326,772

Reference: Worldmeter




Foreign Policy Expert on U.S.-Turkey Relations, ME, Security, NATO, Transatlantic / Journalist / 2019 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient

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Ali Cinar

Ali Cinar

Foreign Policy Expert on U.S.-Turkey Relations, ME, Security, NATO, Transatlantic / Journalist / 2019 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient

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